About Me

I have been in the industry for 23 years, and have always been involved in engineering in millwork. But my ambition began before I entered the workplace. I have always loved drawing, and my father was a fabricator so I grew up in this world; working in his shop as a kid and going out in installs. It’s in my lifeblood.

I am responsible for making sure everything is scheduled on time, but I also get involved in project management, field and laser template sites, and attending site meetings. At times, I am out of the office meeting with contractors, keeping my finger on the pulse in all areas to uphold the quality we all strive to uphold.

Beyond work, my priority are my two daughters and my family. I am lucky really; my work is the key to supporting my family, and in that way it’s a great fit. In fact, I am surrounded by females; my wife, two daughters, 125lb German Shepherd and a cat named Kitty. When I have free time, I love my motorcycles, riding as well as keeping them polished and clean.